Expect the Good Stuff

Our philosophy is that good food should be good to eat. We offer new exciting choices that are expertly prepared using the finest ingredients available. You can expect locally raised meats and organic produce from farmers and ranchers we know and trust. It's simply real food that is tasty, satisfying and filled with delight.

Our Local Sources
2 Wash RanchAbsolutely Delightful, Crow’s Dairy, Circle Key Farms, Hilliday Processing, Jet-Fresh Seafood, Maya’s Farm, McClendon’s SelectMount Hope Wholesale, The Meat Shop, Pacific Sustainable Seafood, Pillsbury Wine Co, Zarpara Vineyard

Seafood Sustainability

We love to eat everything nature provides, but we are especially fond of what come from the sea. Our passion for seafood brings with it the responsibility to do our part to ensure that those who come after us get to enjoy the bounty of their oceans, seas and rivers. We are thrilled to partner with the James Beard Foundation's Smart Catch Sustainable Seafood Program to bring you the freshest and most delicious fish, crustaceans and bivalves with the smallest eco-footprint as possible. With these powerful allies, we endeavor to support and help cultivate best practices for putting delicious seafood on your table in the most sustainable way we can.

Exceptional Tastes & Aromas

At The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, we take pride in forging strong relationships with our local farming community. Executive Chef Danielle Leoni insists on being personally acquainted with all the wonderful people behind the stellar ingredients delivered to her kitchen. Whether it is sustainably harvested seafood, locally raised meats or organic produce, her uncompromising passion for quality is showcased in every dish.

Ingredient Driven Craft Cocktails

Our practice is the fine art of crafting libations built around top-notch ingredients. The cocktail menu showcases a unique blend of signature originals, and the re-introduction of well-known classics such as the Hemingway Daiquiri and Mojito. Our bartenders are obsessed with rekindling your love affair with rum cocktails.

Fine Rums & Elegant Cigars

Rum- As our name suggests, our business is exclusively rum. We boast the most spectacular collection of fine rums in the state of Arizona. Rum is regarded as the world's most versatile spirit. As such, whatever spirit suites your palate, just let your capable waiter or bartender know and they'll be happy to guide you in discovering your rum.

Cigar- Connoisseurs of the good life have long cherished the practice of pairing cigars and fine rums. We offer a well curated humidor of choice cigars and a lush courtyard to relax and enjoy with good company. Come relish the very best of the tropics.