Small Plates

Appleton Rum Sea Scallops *  
diver scallops coated with Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum and jerk rub, seared in a cast iron skillet

Tamarind Shrimp
mangrove shrimp simmered in tamarind, grilled roti flatbread, passion fruit chili sauce, chopped herbs

Smoked Trout
pimento wood smoked rainbow trout, pear jelly, pickled kohlrabi and pumpkin, fennel scented kale spread, caramelized red beet, hard dough toast

Twice Fried Green Plantain
green plantains twice fried, mango relish, crème fraîche

Jerk Shrimp and Johnny Cake
grilled mangrove shrimp seasoned with jerk, fried johnny cakes, mango habanero sauce, tartar

Pepper Shrimp
wild gulf shrimp sautéed in cayenne habanero sauce with savory and spicy seasonings, fried greens

Roasted Plantains & Mango Dip
sweet ripe plantains lightly sautéed and baked golden brown, mango chutney dip



Salads & a Soup

Curry Crab Salad
crab claw meat, house Caribbean style curry, seasonal lettuce, sweet pickled carrot, radish, mango lime vinaigrette

Jerk Chicken Salad
jerked chicken tossed with mixed greens, seasonal farm veggies, passion fruit vinaigrette

Market Salad
mixed greens, tropical fruit, seasonal vegetables, seasonal dressing

The Saturday Evening Soup
chef’s choice, combination of local and tropical ingredients



Fisherman’s Choice

Pan Seared Steelhead Salmon *
lightly jerked and pan seared, honey balsamic reduction, tamarind and passion fruit sauce, roasted farm vegetables

Escovitch Fish & Festival  

pan fried whole seasonal fish, escovitch vegetables, festival bread

Steamed Little neck Clams
soursop & peach sauce, spinner dumplings, fresh herbs, hard dough garlic toast

Banana Leaf Steamed Fish
seasonal fish fillet steamed in banana leaf, bammy, cho cho, seasonal farm vegetables

Red Stripe Curried Shrimp
mangrove shrimp simmered in Red Stripe beer, house Caribbean style curry, rice and peas, roasted cabbage and red bell, ripe plantains



Taste of My Island

Jerk Pork and Polenta   
The Meat Shop pork leg marinated in rum, jerk rub, slow smoked over pimento wood, West Indies polenta, seasonal farm vegetables

Chicken Stuffed Cabbage
pulled 2 Wash Ranch chicken in savory curry sauce with coconut, cassava mash, bergamot & guava reduction

Pimento Wood Jerk Chicken  
2 Wash Ranch Cornish game hen marinated in jerk rub, smoked with pimento wood, rice and peas, house jerk sauce, seasonal farm vegetables

Maya’s Farm Mélange
sautéed fresh harvest vegetables from Maya’s Farm, garden herbs, Jamaican spices, pickapeppa, pimento, basmati rice

Ham Hock & Beans
The Meat Shop hock smoked over pimento wood and braised, stewed butter bean, green banana

Curried Goat  
Maya's Farm Boer goat slow cooked in house Caribbean style curry, basmati rice, steamed pumpkin and carrots

Coconut Curried Tofu
soya chunks marinated in house Caribbean style curry, coconut milk, basmati rice, roasted cabbage, ripe plantains