Cocktails & Libations

We create cocktails that pair especially well with our food. You'll find three distinct sections of signature libations on our cocktail menu. These section are designed to complement the experience of each course by enhancing or complementing the subtleties of every plate. Ask your trusty waiter or bartender for pairing recommendations.

Light & Citrusy

Punch Bowl Special
...a daily rotation of inspired rum punches. ask what we’re mixing for you today!

Gin & Co.
Thyme infused Matusalem Platino rum, juniper tincture, lime, seltzer

Rum Lime & Sugar
Rhum JM Blanc, Ypióca Prata Cachaça, Matusalem Platino rum, house lime cordial, lime foam

Bootleg Smitty
Smith & Cross Traditional Jamaica Rum, grapefruit, lime, pimento, star anise

Tamarind Ball II
Matusalem Platino rum, tamarind infusion, house herbal liqueur, lime



Kingston 5
Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, Appleton Special rum, pressed strawberry, passion fruit, lime, orange, pineapple, bourbon vanilla, pimento berries

The Rock Steady
Mt. Gay Black Barrel rum, house raspberry shrub, lemon, ginger, bergamot

Hanky Panky
Angostura 7 Year rum, hibiscus, Cinque Aperitivo, lemon, pineapple, nutmeg

The Wiz Bang
El Dorado 5 Year rum, guava reduction, coconut, lime, horehound tincture, nutmeg

Boatman's Tipple
Appleton Estate Reserve Blend rum, roasted orange & cardamom shrub, lime, orange, cherry bitters


The Classics Revisited

The Selector’s Daiquiri
Choose your rum, but choose carefully, your night may depend on it... lime and sugar

Hemingway’s Daiquiri
Matusalem Platino rum, maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, lime, demerara sugar

Dark & Stormy
Goslings Black Seal, house ginger beer, acid phosphate

Rum Old Fashioned
Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year rum, orange bitters, orange zest

Piña Colada Redux
Matusalem Platino rum, house coconut liqueur, hand squeezed pineapple, coconut cream, nutmeg

Mojito Classic
Matusalem Platino rum, mint, lime, demerara sugar, seltzer


Spirited Sipping

Late Night in Rio
Ypióca Prata Empalhada Cachaça, Amaro Averna, lemon peel, Ting, horehound, bay leaf

Mutiny in the County
El Dorado 5 Year rum, Irish moss, coconut, house coconut liqueur, grenadine

The Garrison
Hamilton Jamaican Pot Still rum, Gran Classico, cigar tincture, botanical dram, cinnamon

Wray & Nephew Overproof rum, house crème de cacao, Campari, mauby bark tincture

Big Marble Rum Cream
Our signature blend of Wray & Nephew over proof rum, condensed milk and 7 spices


Beers | Arizona Wines

Red Stripe “The great Jamaican beer” 
Guinness Foreign Extra Stout 

Arizona Wineries
a choice selection of the finest wines produced in Southern
Arizona. Ask your waiter about today’s offerings.



Coffee Press
Colombian blend ground to order and served in a French press

house brewed hibiscus flowers infused with ginger, pimento berries

My Favorite Carrot Juice
fresh juiced organic carrots, coconut milk, vanilla, a pinch of nutmeg

lightly carbonated Jamaican grapefruit soft drink

Ginger Beer
lightly carbonated house made ginger soft drink

Cola (Mexico)

Club Soda (Mexico)